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Navicat Cloud offers a central space for your team to collaborate on connection settings, queries and models. Invite your co-workers to the project, where they can create and edit together.

All the changes and newly added files will be synced automatically and instantly, giving all project members the latest files. Keeping your team productive and to collaborate effectively and efficiently.

Member roles

Navicat Cloud allows you to assign a role to coworkers for each project they work on. It grants them access to projects based on the role they play. Each role determines whether they can create, view, and modify project files. You can securely share your projects with members; you can also control who can see and edit the project.


The owner is a project leader who creates the project and has full privileges on the project. Only the project leader can delete the project.


The admin is a lead member who handles the administration responsibilities for the project. Full read/write access to the project to which they are assigned, including the ability to add/remove a project member and change member roles.


The member is a project member who can read and write all project files. It is recommended that you use this role as the default for all members and assign other roles only as needed.


The guest is a basic member with read-only access to all project files. This role is valuable for member who needs to track, but not edit the project.

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Keep your queries and models together in Navicat Cloud with only team members can access. It enables you to easily store, collaborate and share them in real time with your teammates, on any device. No more losing track of the latest files, you can always get the most up-to-date files, so that all team members are moving forward and getting work done together.

Activity Log

All activities that involve collaboration in Navicat Cloud are kept in real time under the Activity Log. It enables you to quickly view all activities taking place in your project. Each log shows the name of the member taking the action, the action performed and the date/time when the action occurred.

You can also oversee the recent activity of a specific team member. And, each member will get a clear picture of what everyone’s working on. It leads to increase communication and transparency among team members, enabling the team as a whole to perform at a higher level.

Activity Log
Derek Admin
updated query GetActorinfo.
1 hour ago.
Adam Owner
created the project Sakila.
1 day ago.  
Eddie Member
added connection 01.
5 hour ago.

High Productivity

Navicat Cloud ensures your team is productive through collaboration and file sharing. If you are ready for your projects to be well-organized, efficient and easy to manage, Navicat Cloud is your solution.

Let’s start bringing the people together and build a collaborative team environment.

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