Find in Database/Schema (Available only in Full Version)

Navicat provides a Find in Database/Schema feature offers searching table and view records or object structures within a database and/or schema. Select Tools -> Find in Database/Schema from the main menu.

  1. Select a target Connection, Database and/or Schema.
  2. Enter the search string in Find what.
  3. Choose to find Data or Structruce in the Look in drop-down list.
  4. Choose the Search Mode: Contains, Whole Word, Prefix or Regular Expression. Regular Expression is only available when finding Structure.
  5. Check the Case Insensitive box to disable case sensitive search if necessary.
  6. When finding Structure, you can choose to search different objects: Tables, Views, Functions, Queries, Indexes, Triggers, Events and/or Materialized Views.
  7. Click the Find button and then double-click an object in the Find Results list to view the record or the structure.